Pollution bringing harm to Seals

The Cape Fur Seals inhabiting Robberg Nature Reserve are not spared from the threat that pollution poses.  We often come across seals entanglement in fishing line, plastic and fishing nets and the effect is often detrimental to their survival.

The seals are curious and with their acrobatic moves end up getting entangled in the the ropes, nets and plastic found in the ocean. Once entrapped, the seals face life-threatening injuries, impaired mobility, and, in many cases, a slow and painful demise. Wounds can become deeper and infected, and finding food can become a difficult task.  This entanglement eventually leads to death if the seals are not helped – which is easier said than done as they move quickly and it could bite if approached.

Beach clean ups and the general awareness of the disposal of fishing gear is imperative to mitigate pollution and safeguard the well-being of not only the Cape Fur Seals, but all the marine animals that frequents the bay.

These curious seals often play with plastic and rope, unaware of the danger that follows.