African Penguin right on our doorstep!

News Article
22 November 2019
Pro Dive Plettenberg Bay , African penguin

This little guy was drying his wings right on our doorstep, how AMAZING !!!

The ocean in Plettenberg Bay is full of surprises and you can never what you are going to see.  Who would have imagined that we would bump into an African Penguin on the way down the stairs on to the beach..

With the closest colony being on St. Croix Island in Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth they are not a common sighting in the area, however African Penguins are seen on occasion and do charm us with their formal attire and comical waddle.    There have been a few birds that have come ashore and required rehabilitation due to illness, injury, oil etc. which has been done very successfully so that these birds could be released back into the ocean.

If you happen to come across a bird or animal in distress who may need some TLC the best would be to contact Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for assistance.