All you need to know about Swimming with Seals

the cape fur seal colony

The seals at Robberg Nature Reserve are inquisitive and gentle natured and our seal swim adventure is said to be one of your most exciting experiences ever! The Cape Fur Seals are some of the gentlest of underwater mammals, and love to play. The seals will come up close and sometimes swim directly at you, darting away at the last minute. They can dive up to 200m deep and hold their breath for an impressive 7½ minutes!

Join us for a dive with the Seals at Robberg Nature reserve, along the Garden Route

Once everyone has geared up, the group will take a short stroll on the beach to the boat where you be given a briefing by the skipper before embarking on a short boat ride to Robberg Nature Reserve. On arrival the seal guide will brief you on the seal snorkeling experience before jumping into the water or an exhilarating 30 minute snorkel experience with the seals.

  • The seals will come up close & sometimes swim directly at you, darting out of the way at the last minute.
  • Keep your hands & equipment tucked in at all times.
  • As cute as they are, no touching is allowed.
  • If you feel them gently tugging on your fin, don’t tug back.

The seal swimming adventure is very safe & the whole family can enjoy the experience. Children younger than 6 years old are able to view the seals from the boat while children older than 6 years old must be able to float comfortably. For those that do not want to get wet, we offer scenic seal viewing excursions. This is a wonderful opportunity to bond with the interactive seals in their natural environment.

Over the years, ProDive has adopted more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. What does this mean for seal swims? Our aim is to provide you with the chance to view the seals in their natural environment. We practice a careful and quiet approach during our seal activities as to not disturb the seals and their pups. We also limit the amount of time we spend in the water with them and we do not entice the seals with food or toys.